*** The Master Board Meeting will be held at Busch at 7 PM on the first Tuesday of every month***

Pool is closed weekdays until Parma City Schools are out for Summer Break and when School Begins in the Fall (see below).

Parma Schools CLOSE - Friday, June  14, 2024 , Staring June 15 CSV Pool Open Weekdays
Parma Schools OPEN - Tuesday, September 3, 2024 - CSV Pool CLOSED Weekdays

Closed Mondays except Memorial Day and Labor Day Holidays
Pool Hours are Tuesday - Sunday, 1:30PM to 7:30PM.  No Dinner Breaks.



The pool management team is responsible for enforcing these rules, as represented by the lifeguard on duty.  Negligence of, or non-compliance with these rules, by residents or their guests, will result in the loss of pool privileges.

Residents and guests entering the pool area must complete their information and sign the Daily Register, AND present their pool passes to the lifeguard on duty. No pass, No entry, No exception.
No one under the age of 12 is permitted in the pool area without an adult resident (age 18 and over).
Parents and/or guardians must watch their children closely at all times, AND accompany non-swimmers in the water at all times (regardless of age).
The lifeguard on duty may require any person to take a qualifying swim test before being allowed in the deep end. 
Swimmers must wear bathing suits. Cut-offs, shorts, and/or jeans are not allowed to be worn in the pool.
Anyone who is incontinent, regardless of age, must wear swim diapers or absorbent swim briefs.
There will be regular rest periods every hour, lasting 15 minutes.  All swimmers must leave the water during these times.
The pool will close for 30 minutes after each thunder clap or sighting of lightning.
Accidents and injuries must be reported to the lifeguard immediately.
The phone in the pool house is for the use of the lifeguard and for 911 emergency calls only.  Residents and their guests are not permitted to use this phone.
No head first diving is permitted into ANY part of the pool.
No running, pushing, wild play, shoving, skateboarding, or cycling is allowed on any part of the deck area.
No tag or other games are allowed on the deck or in the pool.
The ladders and the safety rope are to be used for safety purposes only. 
Rafts are not allowed in the pool.  Noodles and USCG-approved personal flotation devices are acceptable.
No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool area or in the picnic table/play area outside the pool. Anyone who is, or who appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, will be denied admission to the pool area and might lose their pool privileges for the season.
Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks in paper or plastic containers or bags are permitted in the pool area.  Whatever is brought into the pool area must be taken out or disposed of in the trash cans.  NO GLASS IS ALLOWED IN ANY PART OF THE POOL AREA.
Residents and Guests using the pool will be responsible for cleaning the tables and chairs they use each time.  Bring sanitizing wipes with your pool gear, and properly dispose of them after use.
Any person with a contagious illness or open sores is not permitted to use the pool.
No pets are allowed in the pool area.  Properly registered service dogs are allowed to accompany their owners.
Civil behavior is expected at all times.  Profanity and related behavior will result in expulsion from the pool area, and those involved may lose their pool privileges for the season.
NO SMOKING in the pool area. 
NO PARKING is permitted at the pool.
Bicycles are to be parked outside the pool area fence without blocking the entrance gate – and at the owner’s risk.  Locks are recommended.
Use of personal phones and/or other electronic devices should be kept on low volume.
When you use the restrooms, do not remove the hand soap, and put trash into the trash cans provided.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Let’s have a safe and happy summer at the Concord Square Village Pool.   
Your CSVOA Board and Pool Management.