Agendas and Minutes

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Meetings, Agendas, & Minutes

The Concord Square Village Master Association meets regularly every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. in the Community Room at Busch Funeral Home, 7501 Ridge Rd, Parma, Ohio 44129.  The meeting is open to all Unit Owners and includes a Residents Forum at the end of the meeting.  Unit Owners are encouraged to attend and voice their concerns during the Residents Forum.

*** The Master Board Meetings are held at Busch at 7 PM on  the 1st Tuesday of each month ***

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2024-05 - May MInutes - May 7, 2024 Board Minutes.pdf
FINAL April 2 2024 Board Minutes.pdf
March 2024 Minutes.pdf
February 6 2024 Board Minutes.pdf
January 2 2024 MASTER Board Minutes - Final.pdf
December 5, 2023 Board Minutes.pdf
November 7, 2023 Board Minutes.pdf
October 2, 2023 Board Minutes.pdf
September 5, 2023 Board Minutes.pdf
August 1, 2023 Board Minutes.pdf
June 6, 2023 Minutes.pdf
FYI - NEORSD Survey Notification.pdf
Concord Square Village Master - snow ban authority - Board 9-9-2022.pdf
RESTRICTIONS Pets&FeedingAnimals.pdf
02.06.24 FINAL CSVOA INFO Boards etc.docx.pdf